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The recipients of the The Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship are listed below. To learn more about the lasting impact that Rob continues to have on others, please watch the video below. At the bottom of this page, you can also learn about Rob's book for kids on the environment. 

The recipients of the Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship are:



Austin Southerland  boys basketball

Bryce Darbyshire  boys basketball

Kelsey Heaton girls basketball

Patrick Dauenauer  boys cross country 


Ben Southerland - Boys Basketball

Leah Riley - Girls Basketball

Ben Lu - Boys Soccer

Grant Darbyshire - Boys Basketball


Emma Allen - Girl's Cross Country and Swimming

Toshihiko Shoda - Boy's Soccer

Gordy Anaple - Boy's Football and Track

Andy Fehr - Boy's Basketball

Oliver Wittenbaum - Boy's Basketball

2021 Awards.jpeg


Cort Kramer - Boys Basketball and Baseball

Ariane Clerc - Girls  Lacrosse

Audrey Simons - Girls Golf

Elle Hausfeld - Girls Volleyball



Ben Yuskewich – Boys Varsity Basketball

Morgan Bates – Girls Varsity Lacrosse and Basketball 

Karisa Grandison – Girls Varsity Basketball

Matt Bolger – Boys Varsity Basketball and Tennis


Dear Mr. Pursley,

I am honored to have been selected to receive this award and scholarship. Thank you very much for giving me this award. It's kind and significant of you to offer this in your son's memory. Hope to see you at another game this season!



Matt Bolger


Abigail Hausfeld – Girls Varsity Water Polo

Emily Reddy – Girls Varsity Tennis

Luke Huffer – Boys Varsity Basketball

Megan McMullen – Girls Varsity Golf

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Pursley,

I am excited to tell you that I will be continuing my studies at the University of Kentucky! I have decided to study supply chain management, logistics and marketing.  Earlier this month, I attended the merit weekend orientation and was so excited to learn about all of the opportunities that are available at the University of Kentucky. I wanted to reach out to you both and let you know how grateful I am for receiving this scholarship in honor of your son. 


Megan McMullen, 2018 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient

Hello Mr Pursley, 

Just thought I would send you an email to keep you updated. I have decided to attend Taylor university next year and play basketball there as well. I am very blessed and excited to be able to continue playing the sport I love so much. Thank you for all you have done to help make that possible!! 

Luke Huffer, 2018 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient


Kevin Berghoff – Swimming, Volleyball & Water Polo

Jake Borman – Baseball, Basketball & Football

Lena Harper – Basketball & Volleyball

Max Hill – Cross Country, Soccer & Track

Hannah Young – Varsity Cheer Squad, Varsity Dance & Softball



Lydia Deppert - Volleyball

Jeremiah Hunter - Track

Grace Louis - Soccer, Track & Basketball

Annie Moreno - Swimming



Matthew Green - Basketball

Mark Hancher - Swimming & Water Polo

Maddie Locke - Lacrosse

Rose Menyhert - Cross Country

Ben Thiss - Soccer

Winning the scholarship as a senior was truly rewarding. Financially, it helped me pay for my own textbooks for school, however it was not about the money for me. The way Rob approached life is very admirable, and inspired me to do the same. Therefore it was an honor to receive such an award and be able to carry on Rob's legacy.


Matt Green, 2015 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient


Zach Farquhar - Basketball

Mitch Hill - Basketball

Solomon McMullen- Football

Rachel Wright - Basketball

My name is Rachel Wright, and I was one of the recipients of the Rob Pursley Scholarship in the winter of 2013. I heard that it was the ten year anniversary of your son’s death, and I wanted to send my deepest condolences to your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


I wanted to let you know that with the help of your scholarship, I was able to buy all of my books for my first two years at the University of Cincinnati. With the money I saved, I am able to go to Guatemala this summer in order to learn the Spanish language. Without your generous help, I would not be able to achieve one of my life long goals, and I will be forever grateful.


I am also a member of H2O, a campus ministry at the University of Cincinnati. I wanted to let you know that we are praying that you would feel an abundant amount of peace through this hard time. I believe that God is still and will always be good, and I pray that you rest in that as well.


Thank you for your son’s life. He truly was an inspiration to many, and he will be deeply missed in the Sycamore and UC communities.


Rachel Wright, 2014 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient

There is much more than a monetary value that comes with the Rob Pursley Scholarship. In learning more about Rob and the Pursley family’s story, their pride for Sycamore and generosity for the students has impacted me tremendously. Outside of the love that Rob and I share for basketball, we share an even greater love for our friends. Basketball will not last forever, but the teammates and friends made in the process are what will last. I thank the Pursley family for giving me the opportunity to carry Rob’s legacy through my hoops and dreams.


Mitch Hill, 2014 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient


Carrie Berghoff - Lacrosse & Volleyball

Elizabeth Howell - Cheerleader

Kelly McDonald - Girls Basketball & Cross Country

Nick Singstock - Cross Country

I will be forever grateful for receiving the Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship. The award helped me pay for a study abroad trip to Bolivia, and allowed me to discover my passion for travel. I am excited for what other adventures the future holds, and to pursue the love for life that Rob shared with the world.

Carrie Berghoff, 2013 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient


Haley Bass - Lacrosse

Jack Bernard - Football & Lacrosse

Peter Gianetti - Football & Lacrosse

Lauren Hancher - Basketball & Soccer


Danny Berghoff - Basketball

Ashley Schaefer - Basketball

Jackie Weber - Basetball

Wes Yengo - Basketball

It was a great honor to receive the Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship. The award helped fund my school expenses during my time at Ohio State University. When I came home to Cincinnati I always look forward to playing basketball at the Blue Ash Rec Center and seeing Rob's father, Dan. Playing alongside Dan is a great reminder for me of the legacy Rob left behind: a passion and love not just for the game of basketball, but for all the people he knew.

Danny Berghoff, 2011 Rob Pursley Memorial Scholarship recipient


In his time here on Earth, Rob impacted many lives. And he continues to do so. In addition to the scholarship that honors his life, Rob is helping to educate kids across the world. Memorialized as a main character in the children's book, Living Green: A Turtle's Quest for a Cleaner Planet, Rob and Thurman the turtle are teaching children worldwide about the environment and the importance of not littering. 

Young Robby Pursley finds Thurman the turtle stuck in a bottle.
Robby saves Thurman!

To view a video version of Rob and Thurman's story, please click on the link below.


Some exciting news!! In 2017, the largest educational company in the world, Pearson Education, used the text of the story in a brand new coursebook.

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