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On this memorial page, the Pursley family encourages friends to share their memories of Rob. 

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1-14-2024 Today is the day that my bro, Rob Pursley went to heaven 18 years ago. As his oldest brother, it has taking me 18 years to be able to share this with him and everyone! Rob is entombed in the Park View Mausoleum there at Rest Haven Memorial Park, where I work. I am able to see him anytime or talk to him there or anywhere! I can still hear Rob answering his cell phone, saying” Rob Pursley” in his own special way. I can remember my parents - Dan and Edie - taking us to watch wrestling at The Cincinnati Garden and the junkyard dog had won his match. Out of all of the little kids, who did he pick first, Rob and then a few other kids. Rob picked up right away on Junkyard Dog dance moves right off that bat. What ever Rob put his mind to it didn’t matter, whether his career, sports or anything. He would accomplish it! His smile would light up a room, charisma and love for people. They would be naturally been drawn to him, whether they wanted to or not, lol. You just couldn’t fight it! Rob had that “IT Factor “ that you wanted to be around him and was contagious, no matter where he was at, any time or what age ( kids, his friends, older adults and clients, strangers). So my advice is when you need a little extra, ask Rob to share some of his “IT FACTOR” with you? Just see what happens, Oh by the way, he will help you !

Love you bro, Dana Pursley


Hello Mr. Pursley,

Apologies for the late response. I returned home from USC quite late in December, so I couldn't attend the events. Personally, the Rob Pursley scholarship and more importantly the legacy of Rob has helped me immensely. The scholarship has helped me not only focus on my studies but also on my extracurriculars and making an impact on others outside of the classroom as well via volunteering. Furthermore, in my daily activities I keep in mind a goal of embodying the values that Rob did during his life: namely determination, kindness to all, and being a great friend. 


USC has been challenging---LA is quite different from Cincinnati! However, in no small part thanks to the scholarship and also the lessons I've learned from Rob's life story, I've been able to navigate the challenges of freshman year and grow as a result. I hope everything is going well on your side too!


Thank you,



Winning the Rob Pursley scholarship meant a lot to me when I received and now as I continue my journey throughout my college career. Every scholarship I have received    has been an integral part in my success to become the person I am today. Without this foundation some of the opportunities I have been able to take advantage of may have not been possible.

Currently, I am a junior at Ohio University. I am studying Child and Family studies with a pediatric concentration and a minor in Health Administration. My hope for the future is to become a Certified Child Life Specialist if I get into the grad school program. I am active within my school community as well as the Athens County community. I am passionate about being involved and giving back. To start I am a leader in my sorority as the Director of Activities. I work closely with the University to plan events held within the Greek Life community. I am an executive member of the Child Life Student Organization which helps prepare students for our future career path. I have been a member of the Honors college here at OU since I was a freshman and recently got chosen to be a part of the Student Correspondence Committee which is headed by the Dean of the Honors college. I sit on this committee with 7 other peers out of the  ~1,400 other honors students, all of us were hand picked by professors to participate in this. Finally, I just currently starting working in a rural school district called Nelsonville-York near Athens. I help deliver content and engage with elementary aged students through an after school program. This program is to assist underserved, at risk families to provide educational, nutritional and recreational opportunities for these families. To add, while home during my summers in Cincinnati I volunteer at Cincinnati Children’s hospital. I am a bed side volunteer working in the hematology/oncology and solid organ transplant units. I work under several Child Life Specialists to provide psychosocial interventions for these children and their families. I am extremely passionate about the work I do and the career path I am headed towards. I love to work with children and want to be a fierce advocate for them throughout their healthcare journey.


It goes to say that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to figure out my passion, become involved and work towards my goals without the help of organizations such as the Rob Pursley Foundation. I am forever grateful for any help towards my academic journey and hope that I can give back to other kids aspiring to become anything they want to be. They always say to “pay it forward” and I hope to do so.


Elle Hausfeld

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to see this year's scholarship winners. However, when I received the award back in the winter of 2019-2020 it was a memorable achievement. As I was growing up in the Sycamore School system, I remember seeing the winners every year. When I was selected to join that group, it truly jump-started my college career. It allowed a short-term financial burden off my back and pushed me to be the best I could be. 



Cort Kramer

Heidelberg University


Rob we just had your 3rd annual golf outing so many friends and supporter was their in honor of you ! I know you are watching over us and very proud of everyone for continuing your legacy while helping others !! Love pops, mom, Dana, JD and Jackson !


My name is Dennis Fehr and my son, Andrew, was just awarded the Rob Pursley Scholarship at Sycamore High School for 2021. I want to thank the Pursley family for choosing Andrew as one of the recipients. It is a great honor and as I parent I couldn’t be more proud of my son. He will be forever be associated with Rob and Sycamore basketball/athletics. The scholarship is a great way for the Pursley family to keep Rob’s legacy alive. The Fehr family is extremely grateful.




Rob we are so excited to continue to honor your legacy while getting back together with so many of your friends who also miss you so much! Please keep watching over us as we continue to miss you everyday! Love Pops, Mom, Dana, JD & Jackson  




I was so moved to see your families spirit in keeping your son's memory alive. He has such a great smile I can only imagine how much you miss him. I am even more impressed with your positive spirit. It warms my heart in a world so full of negativity and entitlement. Keep up your positivism and warm heart felt on this cold day. Jen Jennings, Parent of 4




June 8th marked what would have been Rob's 40th birthday. Family and friends left the messages below to honor Rob's memory and life. 

I run to stay in shape and to be ready for Rob's memorial basketball tournament. There are days when the runs aren't much fun and can be a struggle. A few months ago I was running up a big hill and just didn't feel like finishing the run... that's when I see a man in a wheel chair washing his car. It was pretty easy to get up that big hill after seeing that. On my run yesterday, I was tired from a long day at work and again was struggling on my run. That's when a basketball rolled out in the middle of the street directly in front of me... that reminded me why I was doing the run (for Rob and his tourney). In both cases, Rob gave me the strength to get through those tough runs. I'd encourage each of you to use the strength that Rob provides to make the most out of each and every day... as we all know, Rob "never got cheated" and he absolutely enjoyed life to the fullest. Please do the same to honor him. I miss you every day bro but thank you for watching over our family and friends.

Jack Pursley


You don't know me Rob, but I wanted to tell you that your parents took the loss of you, grieved and now do so much to help others. You'd be really proud. Your dad reached out to me when I needed help and I appreciate him for that. I wish I could've met you.

Sincerely, Krista Bastin

My best to you and your family. Rob will never be forgotten. You are a great father, Dan!

Brent Martin

Happy 40th Rob! Sending our Prayers for the Pursley family and friends while they celebrate the memories.

Brian Kruse

I'm sure at age 40 you would still be a fierce competitor on the court, and you would still be the first to smile and shake hands when the game is over!

Tim Berghoff

When I think of Rob a handful of stories come to mind. One that stands out to me happened late our junior year while attending Sycamore High School. Rob and I were on the phone discussing whether I was going to go to his house in Blue Ash or he was going to come to my house in Montgomery. We didn't have any plans. We just wanted to hang out. Neither of us had access to a car at the time. It was about 10 PM cold and rainy. We got off the phone after we came to the conclusion we weren't going to be hanging out that night. So I thought....The next thing I knew my door bell rang. It was Rob. In record time...He had run 4 miles from his house in Blue Ash to my house in Montgomery so we could hang out.

Eyad Abusway

Rob, Your memory lives on in the smiles of your family, when they talk about any detail of you and your life. You are missed by everyone who was touched by you. Continue to look down upon us.

Pete Sherman

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Rob. We are fortunate to be close friends with your family, and through them, have gotten to know what a special person you truly are. 

Artie & Priya Knapp

Rob thanks for being a bright spot in our family's memories from when you were shooting baskets at half time of Dana and Jack's basketball games to coming into the dry cleaners early in the morning and turning the lights out on Big Mike. Happy 40th Birthday.

Peg Sears & family

I believe the legacy of Rob is perfect. As a young man he had an uncanny ability to bring people together. Rob had the ability to turn an uneventful day into something different! To this day Rob continues to bring those who knew him and loved him together. What a great Legacy!

Wally Vickers 

I have a warm and funny memory of Robbie. It involves Robbie, Chris and one other. (To remain nameless for his own protection, LOL) The boys were at the house for a sleep over when they were about 10 years old. Cookie and I were downstairs watching TV. I went upstairs for some reason, and when I walked past Chris’s room, I heard giggling from inside. The door was closed so I opened it and there on the top bunk bed were Robbie, Chris and, lets call him a friend, looking at an old copy of a Playboy magazine. They were laughing and giggling for all they are worth, until they saw me and then they just froze. To this day, I don’t know how they got hold of that magazine. But I’ll never forget the look on their faces. Robbie we miss you. I still can't believe you're not with us, but it was a pleasure to have you in our lives.

Cookie & Doug Garrett

My first memories of Rob was when he was a freshman in high school at Milford. I was coaching the freshman at Sycamore and there was clearly two teams that year that had a fierce rivalry. We met twice during the season and then again in the finals of the freshman tournament. Milford played an aggressive full court man to man defense all game every game and that was our chosen style of play as well. Milford had a point guard that seemed to do it all for his team...quick, crazy ball handling skills, with a lot of swagger!!!! That player was Rob! The kind of guy you hated to play against but loved to have on your own team! Little did I know at the time that he would become an Aviator!!! Miss you Rob, you lived life with a tremendous amount of passion!!! 

Randy Lothrop

My favorite memories of Rob were playing basketball during the spring and summer months. Those games would take us all over the place, from different playgrounds and gyms around the city. Rob knew everyone and you felt like your whole circle of friends grew every time we went out to play. He was a great connector. His friends were immediately your friends. So not only did we laugh and spend hours playing basketball, but so many other good friendships came out of my friendship with Rob.

David Smith

While I never met Rob, you can clearly see the life / legacy that he has left. I'm proud to be a part of the Pursley basketball family. The Pursley family are a great reminder of what is most important in life (family, friends and how you treat others). Hopefully, the Doyle family can instill these values into our children in a similar manner to the Pursley's.

Pete Doyle

I loved seeing Rob play basketball at Sycamore High School. I was a few years younger and did not have the talent to be on the court with him. He was never the tallest player on the court :) but you could see how much heart and passion he played with, as well as being very skilled. After high school, I would see him up at Montgomery Town Tavern on occasion, he always asked me how I was doing, and would buy me a drink just to be Rob. An incredible guy, with a heart and personality that is rarely seen. I am proud to have stayed in touch with the family, even when I have been pulled out of retirement more times than M.J. The lord blessed the Pursley family with incredible kids with so many talents. The memories that Rob created can never be forgotten. God bless Rob and the Pursley family.

Jason Faust

Happy birthday Rob. We never met. I stumbled upon a classified ad in the paper one day, asking for good deeds in your honor. What started with one good deed, and an email to your Dad, became many. I later found out that a good friend of mine received a scholarship in your honor. Its been a true pleasure getting to know you through those who loved you, and keeping you alive with acts of kindness. You were clearly quite a man.

Rob Rickenbaugh

It is not so much a specific memory of Rob along with Brothers Dana and Jack, but memories of a wonderful and all too infrequent times from their younger days. Rob and the boys loved life, sports, always seemed to have a grin and a challenge, reflecting the bright Character of Mom Edie and an involved Dad. Hard to see a better family bonded together. Rob fit in to a "T" and even got this uncle involved back then...fortunately a player to a degree. I loved watching Rob and those boys and always missed getting to know them more in depth. Kind-a hard with family in Colorado to Boise to Ohio. Robby will always be a bright light in this Uncle's world and those too-few memories will "NOT" dim of his youthful grin. Rob will always anchor one of the finest families on this man's planet. He was truly their legacy.

Earnest (G. Uncle "Buzz") Harper

Rob as your family and friends are sharing messages it just reminds us again how many different lives you touched and how very proud we are and will always be to be your loving parents! Even though our hearts are broken it's all the kind words and support we have and continue to receive from so many good people these past 11 years that keeps us going in a positive directions. We will always continue to work endlessly to honor you and your legacy while helping others! We really really do miss you everyday and know the first thing we will do when we get to Heaven is find you and the second thing we will do is never let you go again!


P.S. Could not have found a better time to post this than on Father's Day!

I have known your Family for over a decade now. It has been an honor and a privilege to spend time with all of them and see what tremendous memories they have shared about this guy named "Rob". I have no doubt that the future will include more stories and valuable time together as we do this Earth walk together with your Family. God bless the Pursley's!

Dan Doepke


Rob was a good man who would give his shirt off his back for anyone. I really enjoyed getting to know him. He was awesome. The whole family is awesome!

Jason Buken

​The First Meeting: I met Rob at the outside courts of Blue Ash Rec playing a little afternoon pick up. One of the few times even playing there because we would normally be inside the gym. The competition there was not always the best but still good to get a nice run in. I notice this quick -n- swaggy white kid out there running the court having fun whipping passes around, crazy dribbles, new kid on the block letting everyone know this was just some lite work for him. I get in the next game and we proceed to go right at each other with each play down the court getting more and more aggressive and intense but at the same time both of us recognizing the skill the other possessed. After a couple hours of some great games not many words had to be said. A high-five and a bro-hug later "did we just become best friends"!!! Yeah! " Happened..... Not the tallest. Not the strongest. But that boy could IMPACT a game!! He was a play-maker to the fullest. Any team he was on regardless of the level of talent around him always had a chance to win. He had the special gift of making others around him better; better than even they thought they could be. Boosting his teammates/friends confidence making them feel like they can run through a brick wall. The greatest hype man for sure!!! LOL. That special gift of his made people gravitate towards him on and off the court. He is responsible for a group of close friends from different parts of town becoming best of friends. Connecting his Sycamore family with his childhood Milford family. We are no longer just friends, we are a band of life long brothers that nothing will ever come between. It's all because of Rob Pursley.... That's my brother for life and he will always live in my heart.

Frank V. Lopez Jr

Rob and I shared so many great times and experiences during his life. I feel truly blessed to spend the amount of time, I was able to spend with him, and to get to truly know one of my best friends. Sports was a true bond between Rob and I. We played together on many teams and also went against each other many times. I loved playing with someone who was so passionate and truly made everyone come together as a team. I cant say I always enjoyed playing against him though! I still remember our Senior year, at Milford, when Rob shot a three and turned and smacked me on the butt and told me he got me as the ball went through the net. You definitely got me that time Rob! He was always there for me no matter what it entailed. A perfect example of this is a time we took a class together at Raymond Walters. I procrastinated and showed up at Rob's place a couple hours before class and hadn't even started a paper, which was crucial to this particular class. I talked to him about just dropping the class but he wasn't having it. He sat down at the computer and basically wrote me a paper, with a few of my ideas included, and came up with something for me to at least turn in. Of course I got an A and he got an A-, to our surprise, but we laughed about that for years. I could honestly go on for days as I am sitting here laughing and smiling thinking about all our times together! The thing that sticks out to me most of all was his passion to bring everyone together. Some of my best friends to this day are because of my connection to Rob. It was always very important to him to bring his friends together no matter whatever place or background we were from. He still comes up in so many conversions and stories to this day and always puts a smile on my face to know he will never be forgotten. . I love and miss you my brother! Until we meet again! 

Jason Schoo

I remember hitting up Turfway Park with Rob a couple of times. It was always a great time hanging out with him, Dana (Big Daddy D), JD (Capt Jack), Sandeep (Sandy), Eyad and Smitty. Rob taught me a few things about the horses that I still remember to this day. Like everything else Rob did in life he had the want to share his knowledge with all of his friends. I take an annual trip up to Saratoga for racing season and also always hit the Belmont Stakes. Here are some of the horse names I have won with: Edie, VyJack, BlackJackCat, Sandy Belle. Rob is definitely up there smiling down and watching over all of us. Can't wait for the day that I see an entry named Dan3 or Big Daddy D! We miss you Rob!

Larry Fox

Growing up, I played in somewhere between 20-30 Gus Macker 3 on 3 basketball tournaments. Our team was always me, Dana, Micah and either Rob or big Zak (big Zak served in the Navy so when he serving our country, Rob took his spot). Our team name was Four Play (I think Micah or Zak came up with that since my mom is reading this :-) We would train, hold practices so that we could put in both offensive and defensive plays and then we would spend the summer traveling to different cities to find tournament we could play in. I remember a semifinal game in the winners bracket with me, Dana, Micah and Rob. Rob was sitting out at the time (keep in mind Rob is playing with guys 4-5 years older than him). Here is the sequence of events... Dana banks in a 2 point shot (the equivalent of a 3 point shot since normal buckets were one point) while telling the other team “that’s all day… you better come out and guard me.” Dana’s shot put us up to by three and one point away from the win. We are on defense and my guy scored on me. We had a rule that if your guy scores on you that you have to sit out... so Rob subs in for me with us up 2 points and 1 point away from the win. There was a loose ball near the top (away from the basket)... Rob was crazy quick and I saw him running for the loose ball. I was our player coach and I was getting ready to call a time out to set up the last play (anticipating that Rob would get the ball for our team). Before I could call a time out, Rob bent over and grabbed the ball with one hand facing away from the basket. Without looking, Rob threw a one hand between his legs pass to Micah who caught it and laid it in for the game winner! So many things had to go right for Rob on that play.... he had to beat everyone else to the ball, he had to make sure he was behind the "take back line," he had to know the score/type of basket we needed to win and he had to know exactly where Micah was. As so many others have mentioned, Rob had a very unique and special way of bringing people together… our family continues to appreciate your help in honoring Rob by making the most out of every day (because he certainly did)!

Brother JD




Merry Christmas, Rob. We love you and miss you so much. 

Pops and Edie Baby


Though I had not met you, I feel I know you through your Dad. Our words speak loudly of what we value and treasure, our actions help solidify those words even more. In the four years I have known your Dad I have heard him speak of you often and tirelessly work to help others know of you. Their love for you shines like the morning sun! God bless the Pursley family.

Treva Doepke

Rest in Peace, Rob!

Marvin Brewer

Just wanted to take a moment to pass along my encouragement for all you do to honor Rob's memory. This website is a great tool to help continue that great tradition. Personally, I feel there are collateral effects as well in how you tell Rob's story and pay his life such respect. Being a father of 3 boys myself, they have been made very aware of your family, Rob's story and of course, the memorial tournament. I've answered a lot of intriguing questions from them about it all and because of that, my boys are more aware, more kind, more caring and more understanding of the world. I also can't count how many times I've given an extra hug or spent some extra time with them because Rob and your family might cross my mind. Your passion for Rob's memory has paid him the utmost respect and shown your love for him, but it has also impacted those around you in many ways that aren't on the surface. Thank you for making my boys better people and me a better father.

Best to you,

Brian Kruse

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